Nammos Beach Club

Nammos – the aqua coloured sea| sun beds and red umbrellas| yachts parked all around – it  is one of those “see and be seen” type of places in Mykonos, so make sure it is on your LYST when visiting this non-stop party island. It is somewhat a cross between Bagatelle NY and Nikki Beach St. Trop, with amazing music, beautiful people, and incredible sushi. With the exception of the overly crowded restaurant area and long wait for a table, it is a great place to have chill, have lunch and people watch.

Mykonos is all about up-all-night partying, bumping into familiar faces in a completely different part of the Island, but day beaches are a big hit and a wonderful way to start (or end your day at!)


After devouring the beautifully decorated makki rolls, grab yourselves a sun-bed and get the party started!

Tip: If you are looking for a more low key and relaxing way to spend your day, Nammos prior to noon is still a good option, but you might prefer to head to Panormos Beach. This was my favourite beach on the island. It is a beautiful, serene, white sandy beach scattered with flat white beanbags & filled with lots of young Greek holidayers. There’s music, great food, and no worries but the Island’s easy breeze! 

Eat well | Travel often.



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