Perfect getaway: Santorini | Greece

Santorini is one of the most beautiful and most picturesque places out there. The calmness of the deep blue Aegean sea, as you look beyond its cliffs, will take your breath away. Take a short 45 minute plane ride from Athens and you will not want to leave.

WHERE to stay:

There are far too many options to choose from when it comes to booking a hotel in Santorini. We have put two main towns on the LYST: Fira and Oia. Fira is a bigger and busier town with more competitive hotel rates, whilst Oia is more regularly visited by honeymooners. The island is quite small, whether you rent a car or drive ATVs, you can discover all of it quite easily.

This stunning volcanic island is filled with little white boutique hotels lined at the top of the cliff with unforgettable views. Oia made our LYST for its extraordinary sunsets. Of course, “beautiful” doesn’t even come close to the wonder that it is. We definitely recommend staying at Canaves Oia, the rooms are spacious, the staff are extremely friendly, and the breakfast is indescribable. Another favourite hotel is Katikies, boasting an infinity pool with views of the Caldera. Tip I: Be sure to plan and book early as their rooms are almost always sold out. 

             Canaves Oia

What every morning should look like

  What every morning should look like

   WHAT to do:

Once you have strolled around and discovered the steep alleys of this little town, filled up the photo memory on your phone, and had your obligatory donkey ride, make sure to take advantage of the sun and go out on the water to get the perfect golden Mediterranean tan. Tip II: Consider asking your hotel about Catamarans or private yacht rentals, it will definitely make your trip even more unforgettable as you watch the sun set gracefully in the distance.

Fish Spa

Kissing Fish Spa 



Soaking up the sun with a beautiful view!

Soaking up the sun!






Eat well | Travel often,




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