Eatopia: The new eatery in Doha

Doha, home of On The Lyst, is a steadily growing cosmopolitan city. Whether you remember Aladdin’s Kingdom, the Pizza Hut play area, or you’re just passing through this peninsula- you’d wanna know what to put on your Doha Lyst.

There are quite a few places in Doha we recommend you definitely check out. For now, one we couldn’t wait to try is Eatopia. Just as the name reads, it’s a utopia of an eatery!

Eatopia is a sparkling new multi-cuisine eatery with a smart card payment system in The Gate shopping mall. We’re not about the hype, unless it’s GOOD, so we checked it out & trust that you will love it too.

Here’s why:

They have live food stations ranging from simple sushi rolls to sizzling shawarmas, and then everything in between. You name it, they make it! After the endless debate with yourself on deciding which type of cuisine to go for, get ready to eat in just 3 simple steps:

1. Place your order (point, stare, drool), 2. Give your smart card number, and 3. (Hardest of them all) patiently wait at your table for your finely selected food to arrive.



Although the food was pretty good for a food court of a sort, On The Lyst’s favourite station had to be the Ice cream bar. Other than the delicious mille-feuilles and éclairs on display, you can ask the chef to make mouthwatering chocolate and banana filled crepes topped with any ice cream of your choice, or crispy waffles aux fraises covered in shaved dark chocolate pieces, or even an ice cream sundae with as many toppings as you like. It really is heaven for sweet lovers!

Crepe au chocolat

Crepe au chocolat


Waffles x strawberries

Raspberry Tart

Raspberry Tart

The perfect setting for a causal lunch or dinner, Eatopia is definitely a spot worth checking out. Great service, great food & good company. That’s all we look for at On The Lyst.

Tip: Check out the food store and deli right next door where you can pick up a quick sandwich or do some grocery shopping.

Food store

Eatopia Store & Deli

Eat well | Travel often,



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