Beach Brunch at Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE

Two of our favourite things are Beaching and Brunching. So we had to try the Beach Brunch at one of the most internationally known Beach clubs: Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE.

The setting is exactly what you would expect from Blue Marlin: beautiful people, great music, fun & friendly servers. It truly is a classic Sunday Funday experience, except on a Saturday!


What’s the deal?

You get your own Beach bed or Sun lounger, unlimited food, alcoholic & non alcoholic drinks – all for AED 295 per person. Just make sure you arrive before 2PM so you have plenty of time to settle in and place your orders. The Brunch is served between 2-4PM, after that, anything you order will be added on as extra.


The food is fresh and definitely satisfying as there is something for every taste. So if you are not a Sushi lover, go for the Lamb Ravioli, Chicken Croquettes, or Grilled Shrimps with Tahini sauce – Deeeelicious!

Next up: Dessert, our favourite meal on a sunny day. Cool down with some freshly sliced fruit. Or if you’re feeling something sweeter; the Peruvian inspired donuts are just what you need! The pumpkin spice flavour pairs so well with the creamy corn ice cream – Perfecto!

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Tip I: Something that the Blue Marlin in Ibiza doesn’t offer: Shisha/Hookah. So go ahead and choose from a variety of flavours.


Take in the Mediterranean vibes. Lay back, soak up the sun, enjoy your Sangria whilst listening to the DJ spin classic Ibiza tunes. If it gets too hot, take a dip into the cool turquoise waters. Tip II: watch out for Jetskis or Flyboards as they love to ride out to this area and show off their moves.

Before the sun goes down, the DJ moves over to the wooden deck, a new crowd joins, and the party continues. So stay and watch the sunset at this beautiful oasis and dance the night away under the star lit skies.

Tip III: Keep in mind it is a 40 minute drive from Downtown Dubai and the Taxi queue at the end of the night is LONG! Sign up to Uber and enter the Promo Code: oa993 to get your first free ride worth AED 60.

The next Beach Brunch is on 13th February: This Valentine’s Brunch will feature authentic Flamenco music by Gipsy Moreno from the Gipsy Kings. For more info, check out the Upcoming Events for your own BMI experience!

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