Life’n One | Dubai


“To be the best version of yourself; mind, body and soul should be in balance”

Step into this one of a kind wellness center located right in the heart of Jumeirah for the ultimate journey to self discovery. This hidden gem has so much to offer for the mind, body and soul. Choose from a range of classes: Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Meditation, or one-on-one treatments such as Chakra reading. Whatever your preferred style or experience, their variety of classes have got you covered. Take a look here for their weekly schedule.

Life’n One is all things raw, green, and organic- making you feel as if you are in a wellness retreat somewhere far away from the shiny skyscrapers engulfing the city.

Upon entering you will notice a very unique and rustic charm throughout.  Warm friendly smiles welcoming you in, an African Grey parrot greeting you at the reception, and colourful inspirational messages written on the walls. You instantly become part of the Life’n One community.

We attended an hour long Gong meditation class led by the wonderful Ms Zarine. The Gong, an ancient therapeutic instrument, is known to reduce stress and release emotional blockages within us. The hypnotic vibrations truly awakened our senses and led us to a profound state of blissfulness.


After working the body and mind, it’s time to nourish the soul! Life’n One has its own outdoor healthy vegetarian café. One Café boasts a wholesome menu free from added sugars, gluten and dairy. The café is super green, serene, and beautifully decorated with rustic wooden furniture. Did we say we LOVE this place?

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Lounge on the grass, sip your organic smoothie, soak up the sun rays. Getting hot? Move to the indoor air conditioned garden area where you can enjoy their fresh and wholesome meals.

To Start


Turmeric Smoothie, Guacamole & Flax seed Crackers, Life’n One Omelette & Quinoa Bread

To Follow


 Gluten free Pancakes with honey

To Finish


Cookies with nuts served with fresh mint tea

Life’n One is the ideal getaway from stressful city life, and more importantly: the perfect setting to breathe, relax and nourish your body.


Eat well, Travel often


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