Comptoir 102 | Dubai

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A similar idea to Paris’ Colette Store, yet a more bohemian, low key and organic version.

This concept founded by Emma and Alexandra, two Parisians living in Dubai, is so beautifully designed- you almost forget it’s located on one of the busiest streets in Jumeirah. The villa’s inimitable style takes you to a sanctuary far away from the stress of city life.

Comptoir 102 houses a Store and a healthy Café: No 102, specialising in organic and locally sourced foods.


The French style windows opening out to the airy bamboo lined patio, the Moroccan inspired brass tables, the vintage berber rugs, all exude simplicity & elegance.

Café No 102 is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious guilt free meal either with friends or solo, catch up on emails, and just get some time to yourself.

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Tip I: Check out their Organic Grocery Store while waiting for your food to arrive. Here you can find all the superfoods you’d want to add to your daily diet: spirulina, acai, raw cacao & many more…


 Just as fashion changes with each season, so do the ingredients at this health café; bringing you super fresh & natural options to choose from their daily menu.

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Not only is the food generously sized, nutritious & colourful, but it truly tastes as satisfying & rewarding as it looks. Making you feel good on the inside & out.

Their detox juices and fresh almond milk smoothies are a MUST try, a wide selection on offer so choose your favourite…or choose two! Get refreshed & energized with the Heaven on Earth Smoothie: Dates, Banana, Almond milk, Raw cacao, crushed Almond, Cinnamon. DELICIOUS.

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Once you are ready to leave behind the zen atmosphere and return to reality, be sure to browse through their super chic concept store. You can find one of a kind pieces ranging from homeware, jewellery & apparel.


Eat well | Travel often


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